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thrift store find

thrift store find

thrift store find

thrift store find

thrift store find

Jessica Simpson pumps

thrift store find

perfect bow ring

thrift store find

How gorgeous is this sequin top?!?!?!? You wouldn’t believe where I found it! Let me help you out a bit, I got it a local thrift store! Yes, a thrift store!!! I’m a huge thrifter, but it takes a lot of  patience and time looking through racks of used items to find an item like this! I have found everything from a Kate Spade purse to Louis Vuitton shoes that were in good shape! (too bad they weren’t in my size)

This sequin top was a hot find right and perfect for the holiday season! I can’t wait to wear to a holiday dinner with a book club I recently joined. I found a very similar one here.

I paired it with this adorable bow ring from Kohls for less than $7.00! And sequins clutch I got from a friend for my birthday. I linked similar options below.


I wanted to share with you my tips for thrift shopping

  1. You should never judge a thrift store but the area. You might still find great bargains and items, maybe even some designer brand items. Just be patient and actually take your time looking through garments
  2. Have an idea of what you looking for. If you’re looking for an oversized sweater, or maybe a vintage jean jacket. Stick to those areas in the store and take your time looking the garments.
  3. Get over the fact that it is used
  4. Get there early to miss the crowd so you can find great items
  5. Avoid undergarments – duh!
  6. If you find something too long like pants or skirt, don’t be afraid to get it tailored!
  7. Check for signs of wear and stains. Remember these are used items so you may come across it. Some stains can be removed or a button may be sewed back on.
  8. If you have to second guess an item you’re holding, let it go. If it doesn’t give you the wow factor or wasn’t quite what you were looking for, let it go. Ask yourself, will I really wear this?
  9. Thrift stores are great for sweaters, blazers, and coats! Around Christmas they always have tons of ugly Christmas sweaters
  10. Go often! Thrift stores are constantly stocking up with new items customers like you bring in.

My favorite thrift stores

Platos Closet

Buffalo Exchange


Online thrift stores


Thread up


Happy Hunting!!!

Ive also some great sequins tops that aren’t from the thrift stores, if thrifting isn’t your thing

Photos by Nathalie Bize