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pressed juicery

pressed juicery

pressed juicery

pressed juicery

pressed juicery

pressed juicery

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pressed juicery

The new year is around the corner and new year resolutions will be put into action! Why not start off the year by cleansing your body for a healthier you and healthier lifestyle?

To give you a boost, I’m giving one lucky follower a 1 day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery.

I gave myself a head start before the new year and did the 1 day cleanse last week along with starting a healthy eating and workout plan. I decided to do the 1 day cleanse because I have never juiced before and wanted to see how well my body can handle it.

The 1 day cleanse I am giving away is for first time cleansers and for athletes or individuals that have higher caloric needs or hunger concerns.  It comes with a total of 6 juices. You will be receiving

  • Vanilla Almond Which contains almond,dates,sea salt, and vanilla bean
  • Greens 2 which contains apple,celery,kale,lemon,parsley,romaine, and spinach
  • Roots 2 Which contains apply,carrot,ginger,kale,lemon,parsley,romaine, and spinach
  • Citrus 2 (My favorite) Which contains apple,lemon,mint, and pineapple ( duh pineapple)
  • Greens 3 Which contains apple,celery,cucumber,ginger,kale,lemon,parsley,romaine, and spinach
  • Chocolate Almond Which contains almond, cocoa,dates,filtered water, and sea salt.

My tips and advice for juice cleansing 

Very Important!

Anyone under the age of 18 should not participate in this 1 day cleansing giveaway. Also not for any women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from certain medical conditions, or take medications for those medical conditions.

Drink 1 juice every 2 hours (Like a baby)

Please listen to your body for warning signs!!!!!!! The calorie intake in juice cleanses may not be enough for your body and that’s ok!!! I was new to juicing too and I needed some fuel because I started feeling hungry and began shaking. So I made myself brussel spouts and a sweet potato to help replenish and sustain my cleanse. I also drank 8 glasses of water a day. It’s ok to have an avocado, slices of apple, tomatoes,almonds and steamed veggies!! Listen to your body!! Do not feel guilty if you have to break the cleanse to fuel your body. I would prepare these meals ahead of time so you don’t cave into having junk food. I want you to feel happy and nourished, not angry and hungry!!


Warm water with lemon or herbal tea first thing in the morning before the juice. No coffee

If you exercise while on a juice cleanse, don’t over do it! I suggest going for a walk, yoga, or swimming for 20-30 minutes. No intense workouts like lifting weights and cardio because it will burn too many calories and may cause you to faint, or become fatigued and famished. Again, listen to your body!

If you are allergic to any nuts this isn’t for you!

Get enough sleep! You cannot have any caffeine while on the cleanse and if you normally have a coffee to wake you up and keep you up, you may have difficulty staying awake. Shoot for 8 hours sleep, if you take a midday nap.

Juice Cleanse is not a solution for long-term weight loss. It’s a boost that detoxes you body in preparation for a healthier lifestyle.

Go easy on your body and prepare yourself. 3 days before (as well as after) you cleanse, start making changes in your diet like cutting out meat, refined starches, sugar, alcohol, sushi, dairy and nicotine. Replace with fish, salads, nuts, and starchy vegetables. 3 days before  my cleanse, I ate tomato soup, salmon, salads, almonds, avocados, and vegetables.

Take a daily probiotic to help your intestines repopulate. here

After your cleanse, slowly re-introduce small meals with solids and liquids into your diet. I would stick chicken and salmon, steamed veggies, and some fruit and lots of water!

To enter, all you have to do is like my Pressed Juicery giveaway picture on Instagram and comment with your email then subscribe to my blog  at the end of Pineapples and Curls. I will be checking both! Winner will be chosen at random with and you will be notified through your dm box on Instagram!

Winner will be chosen and notified December 23rd, 2016

Happy Juicing

Photos by Nathalie Bize


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