Goodbye 2016

 This year, like every year has gone by way too fast. Like seriously,I felt like Christmas just slipped right through and now it’s almost the New Year. 2016 has been one of my favorites which makes me really look forward to what is in store for me in 2017. I just hope it slows down a bit!

For one PineapplesandCurls,          For years I have always wanted to start a fashion blog to share my style and fashion finds. I’m always being asked where I get items I am wearing as well as complimented on that I decided it was time I made a blog.            

I had no idea where to start and I am nowhere near tech savvy! It took many nights staying up late reading blog after blog on Pinterest on how to start a blog. 6 months ago,I felt ready ready for the challenge and created PineapplesandCurls.       

Why PineapplesandCurls? the curls is obvious because of my hair, but if you have been following me you’ll know I love pineapples!                

 Pineapplesanscurls has been the best investment I made for myself and one of the biggest challenges. Learning how to use WordPress, creating email lists, linking all social media links, the list goes on. I learn something new everyday. Many  times I  wanted to give up because of how time consuming and stressful blogging can be.       

 Then I thought to myself. I love what I do and have so much fun with it! Why should I give that up?!    I’m finally starting to get the hang of this and really enjoy it . I hope  all my followers also enjoy reading my blog and are inspired by my posts.  

These are some photos from my shoots over the last 6 months. I am sharing with you my favorite shots!  Which one is your favorite ?

I am so excited for the New Year and all the new opportunities that are coming my way. Happy New Year 

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