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We all know having cute workout wear motivates us to actually workout! It does for me at least! I’m loving my new sports bra from Reebok that I received complimentary from Influenster . It’s for medium support, perfect for weight training, lifting, kick boxing, and light running. It held my breasts down from bouncing pretty well.  I love the material of the bra, super soft, and silky, very comfortable to wear.
Finding the time in your busy life to workout can be difficult. Once you finally have that down time,all you want to do is relax and watch TV, not workout. I’m guilty of this at least a million times! I made excuses and told myself, I’ll just workout tomorrow, or I’ll start next week! I felt like I didn’t have time in my busy work schedule or have any motivation to push me.

For years I have suffered back problems starting with sciatica pain in my left buttock and left leg as well my lower back.  Over the years not being active it got worse and worse until I hit a breaking point. That’s what triggered my motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle and being more active.

So that’s what I did . I began doing morning stretches (yoga) when I woke up to help with my sciatica pain as well as before bed. ( I will do a post about that soon)  I wasn’t doing it everyday ,but the days I did it helped me so much throughout the day.  I am now taking yoga classes 2 times a week and when I have the chance to get out get a light run or hike outside, I do. Just going for a walk at a local park is being active!

Of course I’m not super fit and still struggle a lot because of my back issues. but I still force myself to get up and get moving because I know if I dont,I would feel … blah.  Once I’m up and moving, I feel so alive and great afterwards and thank myself for pushing myself to get moving. Seriously  your body will thank you !!

Have you heard the saying, “no matter how busy a person is, if they really cared, they will always find time for you?”  It’s so true!! There You’ll always find time for the people and things you truly care about. You should care about yourself and make that time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself . 30 minutes is all you need . And not just working out , fueling your body with water and healthy foods will also make a huge improvement on how you feel as well as how you look.

Here are my tips to fit working out into your busy schedule!

1. Plan Ahead – Jot down your overall goals and what you want to accomplish. Look over your day to day schedule and squeeze in a 30 minutes workout. Create a shopping list and prepare for at least 3 days of healthy eating.

2. Wake up earlier – This can be hard when you just love hitting the snooze button over and over ! ( I’m guilty of this too) but I used to see my mom wake up at 530 am most days and was working out on the bedroom floor before getting ready for work . If she can do it , I can do it . No excuses . Trust me once you start working out , your body wakes up and you feel energized and ready to take on the day ! This is best if you can’t fit in time to workout any other time of the day.

3. During your lunch break – if you’re able to get outside for a walk on your lunch break , I say go for it ! Don’t forget your packed, healthy lunch and water!  If you have go and grab a lunch somewhere , it won’t leave yuh anytime for a walk. Be prepared and plan ahead !

4. Take a class – signing up and paying for class will most likely motivate you to go to the class! And classes are fun! The teachers are always positive, up beat , inspiring, and give tons of motivation!!

5. Treat working out like it’s your job – working out is your job, you have to get it done! To motivate you , put a dollar in a jar everytime you workout and at the end of the month or 3, reward yourself and keep going!!

6. Cute activewear – this really motivates me to workout . Activewear has become so fashionable over the last few years, I can wear it everyday!!

7. Be proud of yourself – no one is perfect . Don’t compare and keep going!!

Photos by @willsjoseph (Instagram)

Thank you Influenster and Reebox for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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