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I have been washing my hair two to three times a week for the past couple weeks using Art Naturals Argon oil shampoo and Argon oil hair mask in my hair. In just two weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my curls. Going from damaged and dry curls because of winter, these products have really helped restore and nourish my curls back to life by making it stronger, shiner, and softer. I have integrated these two products into my hair care routine weekly along with my other curly hair products.

Argan Oil Shampoo

I love how the shampoo makes my hair feel! When I wash my hair I massage it into my hair from my scalp to the ends of my curls. I allow it to sit for a couple minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. The shampoo gives my hair the nourishment’s it needs and leaves my curls silky smooth and shiny.

Argon Oil Hair Mask

This mask is absolutely amazing!! I love it so much and how much it has helped my damaged curls. First off , I love the smell of the product! seriously you have to smell it!! I apply the hair mask after thoroughly rinsing the Argon oil shampoo out and then apply the product by combing it through my curls. Since my hair is damaged and has a ton of split ends, I leave the mask on for twenty minutes before rinsing it out. It gives my hair the nourishment and moisture it needs that repairs my split ends, making my hair feel and look amazing at the same time!

About ArtNaturals

When ArtNaturals reached out to me for a collaboration, before agreeing, I did my research about the company and became excited to learn that their products are made with natural ingredients from the earth and is also super affordable! Which is something I have been searching for in natural products for a long time! I always found amazing products in the past but they never quite fit into my budget and I couldn’t continue using the products on a continuous basis. This is why I fell in love with Artnaturals! Their mission is to provide their customers with affordable ,Eco-friendly, health conscious products for your hair, skin, body, and spirit that won’t break the bank, but still works wonders!  They use natural ingredients such as; lavender, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and eucalyptus. They believe that everyone should experience the natural ingredients our earth provides us so we can live a healthy life.

artnaturals shampoo



artnaturlas shampoo

artnaturlas mask


artnaturals mask


This post is sponsored by ArtNaturals. All opinions are my own.

Photos by @WillsJoseph (Instagram)