21 Facts About Me

Happy Monday you guys! So I wanted to share some more facts about me with you guys. I did a post with some facts about me awhile back, you can read it here. But I wanted to do it again, so my readers can really get to know me a little better!

1. I will be in my very first wedding ever as a bridesmaid this year! I’m actually really excited about it!

2.My zodiac sign is Cancer 

3. I have twin niece and nephew! They are two years old and so cute!

4. I have to have a mouth full of water to swallow pills.

5. I don’t like anything mint besides toothpaste. No mint ice cream, smoothies, cookies etc.

6. I don’t like dark chocolate, only milk chocolate 

7. Growing up, I only played with hot wheel cars. I wasn’t really into dolls.

8. I have never been to Hawaii despite being obsessed with pineapples 

9. I used to be a good water skier until I got this thing called sciatica 

10. I don’t like talking on the phone, but I’ll do it still 

11.  I have three scars on my stomach from having my appendix removed

12. I have all the seasons to the tv shows; The Golden Girls, Home Improvement, and The Big Bang Theroy 

13. I have a sweet tooth for Twix candies 

12. I tend to laugh really loud 

13.  I don’t like lobster but I love crab!

14. I love cereal so much that my dad use to say,” if there’s not a bowl in the sink before bedtime, marynel is sick!”

15. I’m a daddy’s girl! 

16. I’m not a fan of rap, but I love Eminem

17.  Something people first notice about me when they meet is my hair. Yes it’s naturally curly 

18. I prefer homemade hamburgers over any chain restaurants like in n out. 

19.  Something I would love to do this summer is hike more and explore.

20. One of my favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks. I’m not really into reading, but I’ve read all of his books as well as all of his movies. 

21. I almost never watch tv. But when I do it’s usually Fixer Upper or a crime show. 

Thank for Reading! If there’s any questions you’d like me to answer, feel free to leave a comment or email me! 

Photo by WillsJoseph (Instagram) 

Location: Rail Club in San Carlos, CA 


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