Perfect stripes with a pop of red 

These past couple weeks have been so busy for me! I’m sorry for the lack of posts! Between work and commuting it has really put a lot on my body and I just needed some time away from socal media. But I promise I won’t let that happen too often. But we can all use a break once in awhile right? 

For light breezy days, I love wearing button down blouses like this one. It’s not super heavy or thick and if I get hot I can always roll up the sleeves. I find a lot of my blouses at Tjmaxx because of how cute and affordable they are.

I can’t get enough of white jeans this season. It just reminds me of summer! I never used to be a fan because I would always tell myself I would just get it dirty and that usually was the case.But I’ve been very rebellious lately and wearing them out a lot more. I’m just very cautious on where I sit down! 

I paired this outfit with a pop of red and of course my summer staple wedges.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! 

Photos by Nathalie Bize

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