Pineapple Summer

My favorite time of year is coming soon and I have been bikini shopping for my mini summer trips that I have planned.  I am not going anywhere too far or tropical this year, just cause I went to Portugal last year for a month! so, I am only doing little trips this year to Las Vegas, San Diego, and Napa. I love all these pineapple print bikinis I have been finding everywhere! I grabbed a few! I’ve also been obsessing over this leopard swimsuit from Asos.

I usually buy my swimsuits from Boohoo because of the cute styles and how affordable they are! I heard on the radio just yesterday that this summer one piece swimsuits are more popular than two pieces and I actually favor the one piece swimsuit over a two piece. I find it more flattering on my body type and I don’t tan too much, so one piece is my go to. My pineapple swimsuit pictured above is from Boohoo, it is old from last year.

Ive linked my favorite pineapple pineapple print swimsuits as well as  coverups and accessories to wear to the beach! Does anyone have any fun trips planned?