Travel Must have – One product I never leave home without

With my busy schedule between going to the gym, yoga, and going to work right after, I love to use Sweet Spot Labs Feminine Wipes to freshen up when I am not able to take a shower

I love their wipes for many reasons! Sweet Spot LabsĀ  products are formulated to be pH balanced with no harsh detergents. It’s 97% natural, smells amazing, it’s gentle on the body, alcohol free, and sulfate free. It’s great for daily use like before,during or after your period. After a workout, on a hot day, while traveling. You can use it on any part of your body; armpit, back of your knees, neck, etc) It comes in the perfect travel size, so you can take it anywhere with you! And it’s at an affordable price of $5.98 for the wipes and body wash.

Find Sweet Spot Labs products in the feminine hygiene aisle at your local Walmart

This post is sponsored by Sweet Spot Labs, all opinions are 100% my own