Wedding Boudoir 

I had the pleasure of working with the amazing photographer Jen Vazquez for this amazing wedding boudoir shoot. 

Jen was so wonderful to work with! As soon as I met her,she lit up the room with bubbly personality and I felt instantly relieved. I was very nervous and tense at first, just because I knew I was going to be shooting in lingiere. I had asked her a few times to confirm that it will just be us in the room! Like most women, I get self conscious about my body and almost didn’t even want to do the shoot because of it. But instead of turning down this amazing opportunity that has been on my bucket list, I decided to take away the negative thoughts and fill my head with positive ones.

I know to be beautiful means to be yourself. And that’s just what I did. Of course I was super tense and nervous in the beginning, Jen made it really easy to feel sexy while distracting me with her jokes that I eventually forgot she was taking pictures of me! 

Shooting wedding boudoir is the perfect gift to give to your future husband on your wedding day. There are so many different ways you can incorporate your future husband into the photoshoot. Wearing his favorite sports team jersey, a favorite item of his , his dresshirt, his hobby ( ex. Golf) or his career. (Ex. Firefighter, policeman)

A tip Jen gave during the photoshoot is that most husbands love to see their wives truly smiling and laughing in the photos vs. the more serious look.  A look that shows their personality when they look at the photo is the photo they love and cherish the most. Like I mentioned earlier, to be beautiful is to be yourself. And that’s what you want to show in these types of photos.  be yourself and have fun with it!

Photos by Jen Vasquez

Makeup by Beautiful One Makeup Artistry

Location The Fitz Place


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