Lava Tour in Pahoa, Hawaii


If you plan to visit the Big Island Hawaii, and you’re adventurous, I recommend taking the Lava Ocean Tour  to see lava flowing into the ocean up close.  It’s a very bumpy ride, but totally worth seeing lava that close.

We did the 5:00 a.m. Sunrise tour, which is the time I recommend going or the sunset tour. The sunrise tour was completely dark while riding on the boat towards the lava. Which was actually kind of scary at times not being able to see anything in front of you or on the side and hitting so many waves. But also so cool to see the stars in the sky, seeing the bright red lava flowing into the ocean, and watching the sunrise on the way back to the dock.

I was hesitant at first to go on this tour because I knew we would be going into the ocean about 30-40 minute boat ride to see the lava in the pitch dark there and back. However, our captain made me feel better by telling us about his experience, and how many times he has gone to see the lava and giving us tips to be safe while on the boat.

It is a very bumpy ride! It is highly recommended that if you are pregnant or suffer any kind of back problems to not go on this tour. The waves are unpredictable, and you hit them hard. you also can get soaking wet! I got lucky and didn’t get as wet as the people that were sitting on the right side of the boat did!

Overall, it was such an amazing experience and I defiantly would do it again.  Lava Ocean Tour is the best! Especially  if you want to get really close to see the lava. I was actually very surprised how close we actually got! But it was amazing to see and great to take epic photos. There was another tour boat there at the same time that didn’t get as close as we did, that’s why I was so surprised! But it was so cool to see! Shane is an amazing captain and  knew how to steer the boat very well to make sure we were safe.img_8015img_8012